PlusBus is discount price bus pass you buy with your train ticket.

With us you enjoy total freedom - unlimited bus and tram travel (on most or all operator’s services) around the whole urban area of the rail-served town or city. Buy PlusBus to start your journey (to get to a rail station) or to complete your journey (from station to your final destination). There's no peak hour restrictions, so you can hop-on and off buses and trams as much as you like all day. 

Where is PlusBus available?

PlusBus is available for many rail-served towns and cities across Britain. See a map showing where PlusBus is available. Areas covered are shown on the PlusBus website and also appear on our own PlusBus pages.

How much does PlusBus cost?

Most PlusBus day tickets cost between £2 and £3.50 a day. Under 16 years old? You get 50% off our day ticket prices. Aged 16-25 or a student? You get 33% off our day ticket prices. Adults can get 33% off our day ticket prices with one of these:
  • 16-25 Railcard
  • 26-30 Railcard
  • 16-17 Saver
  • Disabled Persons Railcard
  • Family & Friends Railcard
  • HM Forces Railcard
  • Network Railcard
  • Seniors Railcard
  • Two Together Railcard.
Specific prices are shown on the PlusBus website and also appear on our own PlusBus pages.
PlusBus can be added to most types of walk-up & Advance train tickets:
  • Singles
  • Day Returns
  • period Returns (you will need to specify your return date), Season Tickets (for 7 days, 1 month, 3 months or 1 year: the period must be within the validity of your rail Season Ticket)

Where do I buy PlusBus?

Ask for PlusBus when buying your train ticket(s) at any staffed National Rail station ticket office. Buy PlusBus online from the Train Operating Company websites and the third party rail ticket retailers (shown below). PlusBus is also increasingly available from self-service ticket machines at stations.

Also available from the following websites:

How does it work?

PlusBus tickets can be standard National Rail credit-card size paper tickets (see image below) or thermal printed on board selected train services.

'<TOWN_NAME>+Bus' will be printed after the name of the town that the ticket is valid for. For example: Swindon+Bus

Simply show this ticket to the bus driver or tram conductor as you get on.


Where can I obtain more information?

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Last updated:   03 June 2020