Fares not appearing in our Journey Planner

A very small number of rail fares cannot be shown in the fares section of the Journey Planner.

Why fares may not be returned

This may be for several reasons. Examples include:

  • Some tickets not primarily being railway products
  • Sleeper journeys may require additional supplements as well as a ticket
  • Some tickets are issued with nominal destinations/origins which are not recognised by the Journey Planner i.e. to a destination on a heritage railway
  • Some Train Companies offer promotions that can only be bought through their website

What tickets may be affected?

  • Passenger Transport Executives
  • Promotional Fares - including Rover and Day Ranger tickets
  • Group Tickets
  • Sleepers
  • 'Boundary' Tickets e.g Boundary Zone 6 to Brighton in conjunction with a Freedom Pass
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Last updated:   31 May 2020