Mobile ticketing is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Go mobile…

Did you know that getting your rail ticket can be as simple as pulling your mobile out of your pocket? The National Rail network currently offers a number of mobile ticketing options across various regions. Mobile tickets are incredibly convenient and come with a whole lot of benefits.

There are two mobile ticket options:

  • mTicket
    An mTicket is a train ticket held on your mobile device in a rail travel app. Just download one of the free apps and purchase a ticket online for participating stations.
  • eTicket
    An eTicket is purchased online and is emailed to you; you can then either scan the barcode on your phone at the gates or print the ticket out and scan it at the gates.

Take the easy route…

Why should you go mobile? Because we want you to feel…

  • the satisfaction of skipping the ticket office queue and prepared when you get your advance tickets (where available)
  • stress-free not having to manage all those paper tickets
  • good about yourself for being kind to the environment

It’s as simple as 1 - 2 - 3…

Still not convinced? Using your mobile ticket is simple, just:

  1. Purchase and receive your mobile ticket on your phone
  2. Scan your mobile ticket at the gate
  3. Hop on your train

You can use a mobile ticket at any participating train station.

Tips for a smooth mobile ticketing experience

  1. You can buy train tickets for a journey from any train company website
  2. Make sure your smartphone is charged, there are no cracks on the screen and that it’s bright enough
  3. If you have an mTicket in a mobile app you will need to activate it before the barcode can be read

There's loads more information in our dedicated Smart Tickets section,

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Last updated:   03 June 2020