Assisted Travel and Disabled Customers

For A Helping Hand When Travelling By Train

At National Rail we want all our customers to be able to access stations and trains for a more inclusive journey experience.

We understand that when making a journey some customers would be more confident travelling with a little extra support and that’s why all train companies offer a helping hand for any trip through Passenger Assist. You can request assistance 24-hours a day by contacting Passenger Assist on freephone 0800 0223720.

Here’s a guide for more information on available assistance.

Passenger Assist

Simply book assistance for any train journey, with one number, from having a helping hand to get around astation, to boarding or alighting a train or arranging a ramp.

The train company you’re travelling with will organise assistance for your entire journey, even if you travel with someone else to complete the trip.

The Train company you are travelling with can arrange for someone to:

  •   meet you at the station entrance or meeting point
  •   help you navigate around the station and accompany you to your train
  •   help you on and off the service
  •   provide a ramp on and off your train
  •   meet you from your train and take you to your next train or the exit
  •   carry your bag (up to three items of luggage as per the National Rail Conditions of Travel)

How to Arrange Assistance

Simply call for free on 0800 0223720 or text 60083 up to 6 hours before travelling.

For textphone/minicom 0845 60 50 600. Let us know the journey you are planning to take, and we will connect you to the appropriate train operating company to make your booking request.

All train companies enable customers to book up to 6 hours before travelling.  Each train company has published the times that they process bookings on their website.

For text and textphone we’ll send an instant SMS with the number you need to dial from your textphone unit. Call and texts are at no charge.

Save Time and Book Ahead

It’s always best to book as far ahead as possible. Train companies accept assisted travel requests up to 6 hours before travel and some may accept requests for assistance at shorter notice.

If your journey involves more than one train company, the company who is booking the travel might need to confirm some parts of your journey (such as staff availability) with them first.  This might take longer if a contact centre is not open.  If this is going to affect your journey, the train company you have chosen to book through will contact you to discuss the options available to you.

We know that sometimes plans can change, or you might not have a lot of notice to travel. Where a station is staffed they will always help you if they can, even if you request assistance on the day of travel. Sometimes, it may take a little bit longer as staff may be assisting other customers, dispatching a train, or looking after safety on the platform.

If staff are not able to help you straight away they will explain clearly why not and do their best to assist as soon as they can.

If Things Go Wrong

Disrupted Journeys

If the train you want to travel on is cancelled or delayed, you are entitled to a 100% refund on your ticket if you choose not to travel.

Ticket buying & collection

You must hold a valid ticket before travelling on the National Rail network. However, if you cannot buy a ticket before travel due to your disability, you will not have to pay more on the train or at your destination, than what you would have paid; including any applicable discount.

Rail replacement services

Train companies will do everything possible to get you to the station you want to travel to. If it is not possible to access a rail replacement bus, the train company will provide an accessible alternative, such as a complimentary  taxi to the station you are planning to travel to. Information on rail replacement services can be found at

Complaints when we get it wrong

You can complain if your journey goes wrong and the train company will investigate it fully and fairly. You may also be entitled to
compensation if there is a delay to  your journey or something goes wrong . To understand your full rights please refer to the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

Throughout your Journey

  •   The train company will do all it can to communicate effectively
  •   Staff will treat all customers with respect and dignity
  •   Staff will understand your needs
  •   Trained staff will know how to use company equipment that may help with a journey

You can also book assistance and find out more information direct from the train company on the numbers below:

Train Company

Access Information Online

Opening hours



Avanti West Coast

Avanti West Coast Access Information

06:00 (6AM) to 23:00 (11PM), every day

08000 158 123

08000 158 124 (Textphone)


c2c Access Information

08:00 (8AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day

0345 744 4422

03457 444422  (Textphone
compatible with Ultratec Minicom 6000)

Caledonian Sleeper

Caledonian Sleeper Access Information

08:30 (8:30AM) to 22:00 (10PM) Monday to Friday, 08:30 (8:30AM) to 15:30 (3:30PM) Saturdays, 12:00 (12PM) to 22:00 (10PM) Sundays.

0330 060 0500

1 800 103 300 600 500 (text relay service)

Chiltern Railways

Chiltern Railways Access Information

07:00 (7AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day.

03456 005 165

08457 078 051 (Textphone)


CrossCountry Access Information

08:00 (8AM) to 22:00 (10PM), Every day.

0800 030 9224

0800 030 9230 (Textphone)

East Midlands Railway

East Midlands Railway Access Information

24 hours a day

03457 125 678

03457 078 051 (Textphone)

Gatwick Express

Gatwick Express Access Information

24 hours a day

0800 138 1016

0800 138 1018 (Textphone)

Grand Central

Grand Central Access Information

07:00 (7AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day

0344 811 0072

0344 556 1400 (Textphone)

Great Northern

Great Northern Access Information

24 hours a day

0800 058 2844

0800 975 1052 (Textphone)


GWR Access Information

06:00 (6AM) to 23:00 (11PM), every day.

08001 971 329 

18001 0800 197 1329 (Textphone)

Greater Anglia

Greater Anglia Access Information

08:00 (8AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day

08000 282 878

18001 08000 282878 (text relay service)

Hull Trains

Hull Trains Access Information

08:00 (8AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day.

0800 316 1323

18001 0800 316 1323 (Textphone)

Island Line

Island Line Access Information

24 hours a day

0800 528 2100

0800 692 0792 (Textphone)


LNER Access Information

08:00 (8AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day.

03457 225 225

18001 03457 225 225 (Text relay service)

London Northwestern Railway

London Northwestern Railway Access Information

07:00 (7AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day

0800 024 8997

18001 0800 024 8997 (Next Generation Text)

London Overground

London Overground Access Information

24 hours a day

0343 222 1234

020 3031 9331 (Textphone)


Merseyrail Access Information

06:00 (6AM) to 23:30 (11:30PM), Monday to Saturday


0800 0277 347

0151 702 2071 (Textphone)


Northern Access Information

06:00 (6AM) to 23:00 (11PM), every day.

0800 138 5560

18001 0800 138 5560 (Text relay service)


ScotRail Access Information

07:00 (7AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day

0800 912 2901

18001 0800 912 2 901 (Typetalk)


Southeastern Access Information

24 hours a day

08007 834 524

08007 834 548 (Textphone)

South Western Railway

South Western Railway Access Information

24 hours a day

0800 528 2100

18001 0800 52 82 100 


Southern Access Information

24 hours a day

0800 138 1016

0800 138 1018 (Textphone)


Thameslink Access Information

24 hours a day

0800 058 2844

0800 975 1052 (Textphone)

TfL Rail

TfL Rail Access Information

08:00 (8AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day

0343 222 3456

0800 112 3456 (Textphone)

TransPennine Express

TransPennine Express Access Information

06:00 (6AM) to 23:00 (11PM), every day.

0800 107 2149

18001 0800 107 2149 (Textphone)

Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales Access Information

07:00 (7AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day

03330 050 501

08457 585 469 (Textphone)

West Midlands Railway

West Midlands Railway Access Information

08:00 (8AM) to 22:00 (10PM), every day

0800 024 8998

18001 0800 024 8998 (Next Generation Text)

Sunflower Lanyards

Every passenger train company in Britain recognises the Sunflower symbol. The Sunflower lanyard and card can be used by passengers with non-visible disabilities to discretely indicate to rail staff that they may need additional assistance at stations or during their journey. Note, whilst a Sunflower lanyard or card gives some passengers more confidence when using the train, you don’t need to have one or carry any other medical identification if you don’t want to – you will still be able to travel and receive assistance from our staff.

Passengers who would like a Sunflower lanyard or card can pick one up at participating ticket offices across England, Scotland and Wales, or contact Hidden Disabilities:

Accessible Stations

We have a wealth of detail relating to all National Rail served stations. Each station has its own page and you can find the one that you are looking for by using our Station Finder

You can easily look up the accessible features of any National Rail served station, including step-free access, lift availability and accessible toilet information, with our interactive Access Map.


If you have a disability you may be eligible for a Disabled Persons Railcard.

If you do not have a Railcard and you are blind or partially sighted and travelling with a companion, or if you use a wheelchair for your journey, you can get a discount on Anytime tickets.

Train Facilities

It can be helpful to have an idea of what facilities are available on board the train. This information is arranged by Train Company. If you are unsure which Train Company is running your train you can check using our Journey Planner.

Mobility Scooters

Train Companies have differing policies about carrying Mobility Scooters on trains, depending on the train carriages used. Click the link to find out an operators specific policy for their services.

Further Information

The Disabled Persons Railcard website provides lots of useful hints and tips on rail travel for disabled rail users.

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