Performance & Satisfaction Results


Our contact centre continues to remain a popular choice for customers seeking information. Below is a snapshot of our call answering statistics for the period 01 April 2014 and 31 March 2015.

  • Number of calls offered - 3,257,328
  • Number of calls answered - 3,160,261
  • Percentage of calls answered - 97%
  • Average time to answer calls - 15 seconds  

Outage / downtime

From time to time we experience outages or downtime. On Tuesday 2nd July (for 45 minutes) we had a problem with one of our journey planning databases whilst we were conducting some maintenance on it. The impact of this problem was that journey planning through our apps (for Android, iPad, iPhone etc.) didn't work and the issue also affected apps and websites provided by some of our customers. The good news is, journey planning on our websites was unaffected.

Satisfaction Results

To ensure our customers are satisfied with every aspect of our service we continually review and monitor how we are doing. Surveys are carried out on a continuous basis using external and impartial auditors. To find out more please visit this page.